“ At the heart of the concert, it’s love at first sight: the violinist, Solenne Païdassi, makes Mendelssohn Concerto sing like we’ve never heard. Beautiful to watch as well as to listen to. A bow that is enchanting in its romantic expression. A miraculous spontaneity allied to technical perfection.”


Nice Matin – 21st March 2012 (after a concert on March 18th 2012 with the Orchestre de Cannes, dir. Philippe Bender)



“Solenne Païdassi has won the Baltic International Violin Competition. {…} She won because of her very intimate style of interpretation and her spontaneous, unprompted joy in playing music. She also demonstrated richness of sound and wide dynamics from subtle piano to full-size romantic forte“

The Strad Magazine – February 2008


“ The triumph of the light. […] The flexibility and generosity of the soloist express themselves from the get go. We take great delight in the E string, honed yet warm. The violin then floats above an elegant barcarolle and offers an eloquent discourse in the maestoso moderato, with a great clarity even in the streaming arpeggios.”

Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Christian Wolff – June 2012 (about a concert on June 19th 2012 with Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, dir. Theodor Guschlbauer)